Voodoo goes sub-zero (again!)

Bobby Moore View

For English football fans the holy grail must be the Bobby Moore suite at Wembley stadium, the perfect view of the perfect pitch needed the perfect pint. So we took a big gulp when we were asked to create some new bars at the renowned Wembley stadium, especially when the beer had to be served at  2 degrees or below.  2 degrees?  We thought about it and knew using our beer wizardry we could do better. By having bespoke python’s and cooling equipment all of the bars Voodoo has installed at Wembley are operating consistently at 0 degrees, with the ability to go colder (if you really want to!).  It just goes to show that those companies who invest in the development of their dispense systems coupled with our expertise can achieve the impossible in product dispense, speed, temperature and quality.

Wembley Cold Pint